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Inside a 'rare' White House intelligence declassification

"Selective declassification proves a case you want to make," says former CIA officer, Ian Allen. "Transparency is important when you're gonna take lethal action."

We had a lot of audience questions about this very complex Houthis Red Sea blockade story, so Suzanne Kianpour and Ian Allen - both of whom have experience working in and covering Yemen - tackled the intricacies of this conflict, and lifted the veil on a little intelligence declassification that took place just before Christmas. It went largely unnoticed, until it became clear on Thursday, January 12, 2024 what it was signaling. 

Since October 7th, 2024 , there's been much talk about the expansion of regional war currently raging in Gaza. Well this week it certainly did expand further - and for the first time the US, UK and a group of other allies took military action themselves, against Houthi targets inside Yemen, following weeks of Houthi attacks and harassment of international civilian shipping in the Red Sea. That's an area vital to the free flow of international trade because of its proximity to the Suez Canal of course - so for the last few days the Western powers have been carrying out air raids on one of the world's poorest countries, which has been in a civil war since 2014 - a war to which the Houthi group are just one party.