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Three Whys Deep: How the Government Works (Pt. 1)

Who makes the laws — The Legislative Branch

Three Whys Deep is the place where we try to make sense of politics, tech, culture, and economics in short, rapid-fire explainers. Our goal is to understand both the emotion and the science behind the big issues facing us today; because if we’re going to make change, then we must understand these issues both viscerally and cognitively.

This episode is the first in a series on how our government works. Beginning with the Legislative Branch, we’ll follow this with episodes on the Executive, Judicial, and, last an exploration into the political parties and other factors that influence how government functions.

Civil Explainers
Here you'll find News with Suz, Three Whys Deep, and other explainers. News with Suz is commentary and analysis from our Editor-in-Chief. Three Whys Deep is our series exploring the big issues in politics and culture, both viscerally and cognitively. And also you’ll find other special episodes, like our recent piece on Media Manipulation.